Free shipping on tick, flea or other medical treatments orders over $20, delivered directly to your door.

In order to provide you with the absolute best possible prices for all your pet parasite treatments, there’s only one little sacrifice we ask of you… shipping time.

What you can expect

Shipping may take between 10 to 15 business days.

The reason for this is…

Pet king supply ships all orders direct from our base in the United Kingdom or our international fulfillment house in Singapore.

Because of their medical nature, your items will be delayed at customs – even in cases of fast shipping.

To overcome delay disappointment (yes, it’s a known condition)

  1. Please order up to 15 business days prior to your pets due to date for treatment.
  2. Select the auto-scheduler option when buying and we’ll ensure it’s there on the right date next time, hassle free.

“I think my order is lost”

Orders will only be considered as possibly lost if they have not been delivered after 20 business days from the shipped date.

We kindly ask that you consider customs delays, public holidays and union strikes when requesting an item be investigated as lost.

In cases where we resend items to you when original orders are considered lost, but then the original items arrive, we ask that you kindly notify us.