Eliminate Fleas with an Effective and the Best Dog Flea Treatment Fleas are persistent parasites. They make Owner and their pets’ lives miserable. Fleas have a complicated life cycle and the best dog flea treatment is the one that addresses all the stages of flea’s life cycle. There are many products and solutions available to […]

In this post we will review several ways for dealing with Cats fleas and how to get rid of them: Independent as they may seem, our fabulous feline companions can’t do everything on their own and this includes fighting off fleas.Cat fleas are the most common type of flea to infect homes. While their primary target […]

Many of our customers are asking about Seresto for dogs and cats, Here’s 18 Frequently asked questions about Seresto for dogs that we found on Seresto website : “What is Seresto®?” A: Seresto® is a new treatment that offers combined tick and flea protection for dogs for up to 8 months, with a single application. This […]